Novels by Johan Fundin



Catriona is a hot multimillionaire supermodel. But her life is far from perfect. Cat is being stalked by a creature in a black raincoat. Who is he … or it?

Janice, Cat’s twin sister, is a deformed and reclusive pub waitress. To most people, Jan is a disgusting monster.

Ebba, Cat’s best friend and supermodel colleague, is living on the edge. Where is the limit?

In connection with the bizarre death of the founder of a pioneering biotech institute, Cat, Jan and Ebba are drawn into a vicious conspiracy.



Someone is murdering female students at an esteemed university. Kenneth Sorin, a young scientist-turned-novelist, starts his own murder investigation with the help of his cat and his new mysterious girlfriend.

He receives strange telephone calls: an old, dead woman phones the author from her grave, encouraging him to look inside himself for the truth. Could he be the killer himself? The murders seem copied from his new, still-in-progress novel manuscript.