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“We’re planning to get children,” the robot said.

“We’re planning to get children,” the robot said.

“How would that work? To get children?”

“Organic nanomachines in one of my circuits are building reproductive cells. Atom for atom. Molecule for molecule. DNA segment for DNA segment. Chromosome for chromosome.”

“Do you mean your reproductive cells are similar to those of the male human?”

“I want to say identical. They have twenty-three synthetic chromosomes, including the human sex chromosome Y or X. Delkorel Bio-E’s artificial reproduction technology is a further development of existing state-of-the-art biotechnology. DNA can be computer-generated, then chemically manufactured in a lab and finally transferred to recipient cells.”

“How do a DEBE robot’s reproductive cells work?”

“Just like natural haploid gamete cells. They are synthetic macromolecules with biological functions. A synthetic sperm from me will merge with a human egg cell from Veronica when she and I have sex. This organic mathematics will result in our child. Our child will be named either John or Marie.”

TWISTED SHADOWS: A thriller of both spine-chilling terror and emotional power