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The unique strategy of BFS

How we did it? In short, we did it by correcting damaged genes that cause diseases. There are several ways of doing this. The most common approach is to replace the pathogenic gene with a normal gene. A vector (carrier molecule) delivers the therapeutic gene to the right site in the patient’s target cells. At present, the most common vector is a virus that has been manipulated to carry human DNA. Our staff at BioFutura Systematik has solved all of the traditional gene-therapy problems. The key to our secret is a special group of nanoparticles which act as vectors. Even if nanoscience methods as gene therapy solutions are a popular research area, no programme anywhere matches the BFS concept. BioFutura’s nanotechnological operation is a cure for several hitherto infectious and fatal diseases, including cancer. A cure for cancer alone would be worth trillions of dollars.

TWISTED SHADOWS: A thriller of both spine-chilling terror and emotional power