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Praise for Johan Fundin and his novels of suspense

“An excellent read—a real page turner throughout.”
From A Yellow House book reviews & features

“Johan Fundin has a gift for creating atmosphere.”

“Creepy and captivating.”
NetGalley review


“A fascinating way of playing with genre.”

“Really exciting from beginning to end.”

“What a shocker! It’s really, really good! Has everything a suspense novel needs; mystery, murder, red herrings, characters, love.”

“It’s very suspenseful. There’s finesse in the train of thought, and the use of language differs from that of other thrillers.”

“Exciting, entertaining, vividly described, electrifying.”

“Reminiscent of Dean Koontz.”

“Enjoyed it immensely. Thrillers are at their best, for me, when there is something cosy and human and likeable at their heart. It makes you care much more about the characters.”

“What a thrilling story! Impressive!”

“Keeps you guessing all the way.”